July 31, 2010

Lovari Our Own Makes Good! - "THe Statement"

Lovari : The Statement
The Album Won "Best Dance Album" at the "Pride In The Arts Awards". A Taste of the NYC Nightlife Sound, Mixed with some of the Hottest Personalities in NYC. Also Includes "Work It Out" Theme for the TV Series "Under The Pink Carpet"
author: jed ryan
LOVARI: His Bold New "Statement" New York City native Anthony Lovari goes only by his last name... and it's a name that's been getting a lot of attention since the kickoff of 2009. Since he started performing, the proudly out and proud singer/songwriter/actor/director/activist has had his music reach beyond his neighborhood in a big way: He had a #1 song ("All I Want Is You") in June 2006 on Hot 97 FM in Portland, Oregon. More locally, he has headlined through the years at such hotspots as Kurfew, Heaven, Tunnel, and Escuelita; and performed at many Gay Pride events as well as Puerto Rican Pride. Appearances in magazines and radio play followed. Lovari's visibility, which promises only to grow this year, didn't happen by accident: certainly not by paying for publicity or sneaking into the biz through the backdoor. Fiercely independent, here's an artist who has earned his place on the scene by tirelessly networking, conspiring with other artists, and building a fan base-- night and day. More importantly, he has been performing, performing, and performing: at venues both intimate and grand-scale, in all five boroughs of New York City as well as New Jersey over the past year. The new year has Lovari with a new album ("The Statement"), a video ("Take My Pain Away"), and his debut as film director: "A Shore Thing", a thriller with comedic touches filmed in New York City, which boasts cameo appearances by many of his New York City celebrity friends (Jade Esteban Estrada, Lady Clover Honey, and Ryan Wolowski to name a few). Beyond his artistic achievements, he stands out with his non-stop energy (Catch him dancing at Chris Ryan's Monday night '80's music party at The Ritz if you need proof!) and his ingratiating personality. His persona is youthful, but you know he can hold his own; he's street-smart but not "ghetto"... and he's as devoted to the LGBT community as he is to his own music. Lovari largely credits his strong sense of spirituality with his endurance in the entertainment biz, and he refuses to stoop to the low level of the so-called "haters": fellow artists (usually motivated by jealousy) who throw shade his way. Instead, Lovari transformed the experience into one of the best songs on his CD. Lovari has a lot to say on "The Statement", his new album-- which he tells me has been in the works for well over a year. (A year that included severe highs and crippling lows, plus every emotion in between... and of course, lots of good old drama the way only we gay guys can do it!) The music has clear influences, but the emotions are highly personal, and Lovari lets us know it: "The Statement" opens with a quote from Socrates (!) and a spoken word piece ("This is my life. It's my highs, my lows, everything in between... I'm not gonna offer any apologies, no justifications, and absolutely no regrets-- just my experiences. This is my life. These are my statements.") But don't expect any heavy "message music" or self-indulgent pretense masquerading as creativity. Like the pop, house, and freestyle of the late '80's and early '90's which topped the charts and kept people happy at the clubs, this music is made for your listening pleasure. Lovari's sound continues with the pleasure principle, but invigorates the music with an energy to go way beyond 2009. The complexity on "The Statement" comes with the vast range of emotion Lovari puts on display: On his new album, Lovari expresses about 20 different shades of desire. He has really pumped up the volume on his second CD. Compared to his self-titled 2006 debut album, "The Statement" sounds like it's on musical steroids. As Lovari sings tracks like, "All I Want is You", "Move Your Body", and "Work It Out", we envision go-go boys in Speedos gyrating on big black boxes, disco balls rotating, and sweaty bodies grinding together on the dancefloor. But unlike much of the club and house music out there, Lovari propels his vocals to the forefront, whether he's singing with Rick Astley-like bravura or the youthful idealism of perfect love. The new version of "All I Want is You" is a high energy dancefloor anthem featuring some pulse-pounding, hot beats. His voice is vulnerable yet empowering. Throughout the album, starting with the next track "Move Your Body", Lovari activates the falsetto (reminiscent of Prince and DeBarge lead singer El DeBarge). The song evokes the coy sexiness of the Mary Jane Girls ("In My House", 1985-- remember them?) rather than the in-your-face "Oomph!" of, say, The Pussycat Dolls' "Don't Cha". "Work It Out" ("You better work it out, you better do it! Ain't nobody stoppin' you now; You better work it out, you gotta prove it. Show your fierce on the floor now!") boasts a pounding, aggressive house beat. That killer beat aside, the song is also a display of the singer's deceptively complex vocal range. Lovari even inserts some light rapping into this one. In addition to music, the album is bolstered by often-hilarious interludes by some of New York City's most outrageous nightlife stars. One of them is NYC's "Queen of All Media" Lady Clover Honey, who sarcastically comments about a certain clothing company which shall remain nameless (but let's just say it rhymes with "Jabber Zombie and Bitch")... After that "intro", we think that Lovari is going to break into a scathing (and much deserved) musical commentary on the tyranny of fashion-- but no! Oh well. Maybe the next album... Next up is the quietly stimulating "Turn Around", and it seems to have been designed for two in the bedroom rather than 200 on the dancefloor. For this one, Lovari layers sultry spoken word alongside that falsetto of his. This song clearly is an homage to old school funk 'n' soul. Keeping in that vein, "Take My Pain Away" is a stunningly beautiful track, with smooth, swirling grooves and electronic raindrops combined with a pounding beat and Lovari's emotional delivery. It's almost unbearably romantic as Lovari croons, "Take... take my pain away..." "Love Come Down" is next. At first it strikes the listener as solely dance music, but it doesn't take long to detect the spiritual undertones beneath the surface: "Love come down and take my hand, won't you help me understand; that the truth will set me free, love come down to rescue me." It's drama set to music, and a real gem. One of the highlights of the CD comes with some priceless, laugh-out-loud advice from the amazing Robynne Kaamil, before Lovari breaks into "Haters". The song, featuring singer Janifer, boasts a serpentine rhythm, the musical equivalent of a mirror-scaled cobra slithering through a labyrinthine nightclub. There's a seductive urgency in Lovari's voice. High-spirited and infused with adrenaline, the song is a musical guided missile pointed at the haters of the song's title. Another of the album's high points is "I Feel You". It's quietly seductive with a deceptively addicting beat. "The Statement" also features some musical surprises near the end, but I'm not going to give everything away! Let's just say that we can expect lots more excitement from Lovari in 2009. People, get ready! Jed Ryan DishMiss.com
Keep on dancin!
author: Richard
I saw Lovari perform at OutMusic and he was sooo nice! Great album! I love Work It Out and Take My Pain Away!
Well Done Lovari!!
author: James J Spell
I must say that this album was well worth the wait! This is a very versatile album and there is not a dull track on this album! The album is great! Keep up the good work!
Wonderful CD, wonderfully presented! Congratulations!

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Martellus Bennett Becomes Latest Player To Have Dong Shots Exposed By Scorned Female

Martellus Bennett Becomes Latest Player To Have Dong Shots Exposed By Scorned Female

Martellus Bennett Becomes Latest Player To Have Dong Shots Exposed By Scorned FemaleLast week, Cowboy beat reporters wondered why Bennett was absent from the first few days of mini-camp. Bennett admitted yesterday he sprained his ankle doing "jump-ball" drills. Today, a cellphone pic self-portrait of him posing in the shower arrives.
The always entertaining MediaTakeout has the pics, but chose to place a comic book-style starburst over the offensive parts, so those of you worried about being blinded by Martellus' meat wand can click without fear. If you stroll through the MTO comments you do find out his stuff is"NOT ASHY" and you can still see the tip dangling below the censor if you stare at it for more than a minute.
Also of note: MTO originally identified Bennett as ESPN NFL analyst Marcellus Wiley. *Meat-peepin' ain't easy.
* Meat-Peeping® used courtesy of Bomani Jones.

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Best Soccer Celebration Ever-vid

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Out Gay Olympian gets Endorsement Deal

Out gay Olympian gets endorsement deal

Yet another sign that there is nothing to lose by coming out of the closet, openly gay Olympic speedskater Blake Skjellerup has gotten an endorsement deal with Air New Zealand to promote their new “Cuddle Class.” I’m not sure if it means the seats are so small you’ll feel like you’re cuddling with your neighbor, or whether Blake will be there to keep you warm; In any case, it’s a great sign.
I think it’s safe to say that Skjellerup would not have gotten this deal if he hadn’t come out. Maybe I’m wrong. But either way, him coming out certainly didn’t hurt.

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First Gay Argentinian Couple To Get Married

I'm pretty sure this is what the plot of Evita was about, right? Something about tears? Whatever. Congratulations to Jose Luis Navarro and Miguel Angel Calefat, Argentina's first gays to marry under the country's new law. Best part of the ceremony: When a registry official crossed out "man and woman" with a pen and wrote in "contracting parties" on the marriage license.

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Foul-Mouthed Anti-Gay Priest Ruins Swearing For All Church Of Sweden Clerg

Foul-Mouthed Anti-Gay Priest Ruins Swearing For All Church Of Sweden Clergy

Goldman Sachs isn't the only place trying to make underlings adhere to a no-swearing policy. Members of the Church of Sweden, a Lutheran outpost, want priests to clean up their act — after one used the f-word to describe what two men do in bed together.
Dag Sandahl, a priest who opposes gay marriage, rhetorically asked fellow priest Karin Långström Vinge (who supports marriage equality), "So you think that when you fuck people you should do it up the arse?" Responded the obviously witty Långström Vinge: "He wanted to make us aware, in a provocative way, that this wasn’t just a question of marrying homosexuals, but that they also had sex with each other. As if we wouldn’t have understood that otherwise."
But now Långström Vinge wants all priests to watch their mouths, reports The Local, and she's introduced a motion to the general synod to force priests to pay fines for cursing. A vote will come in September, about a year after the Church paved the way for gay clergy.

Read more: http://www.queerty.com/foul-mouthed-anti-gay-priest-ruins-swearing-for-all-church-of-sweden-clergy-20100730/#ixzz0vHOUfEj7
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Target + Best Buy Prove HRC's Corporate Scoring Is Wholly Flawed. Is It Also Meaningless?

Target + Best Buy Prove HRC's Corporate Scoring Is Wholly Flawed. Is It Also Meaningless?

Both Target and Best Buy are pointing to their 100 percent scores on the Human Rights Campaign's Corporate Equality Index as reasons why you can't hate them for throwing hundreds of thousands of dollars behind an effort to elect an anti-gay political candidate. Does HRC bear any responsibility for misleading gays about these companies?
Despite donating money to MN Forward, the business-backed PAC that's trying to get tax hater Tom Emmer elected the next Republican governor of Minnesota, Target and Best Buy's stellar HRC ratings won't change one bit, The Awl's Abe Sauer discovers. How come? According to HRC spokesman Michael Cole, "It’s important to understand that the CEI is a measure of the workplace practices of a company toward its own LGBT employees. We don’t believe that rating companies based upon their political contributions is an accurate reflection of their commitment to LGBT equality in the workplace." Moreover, "Unless the contribution is to a ballot initiative that is anti-LGBT (such as California’s Prop. 8 in 2008), political contributions are not factored into a company’s score."
So listen. HRC is entitled to create a separate score for how a company treats its gay employees and not gays in general, because hey, it's a reasonable thing to want to know whether working for a company will get you things like health benefits for your partner and job security if you're open about your sexuality.
Except HRC's own methodology for its CEI scores do factor in donating money to anti-gay causes. HRC just provides a nice loophole for companies to do it without any responsibility from Gay Inc. Sauer continues:
When I ask if this means a corporation would not be dinged as long as its anti-gay rights money went through a PAC or intermediary, Cole says, "That’s not necessarily true," explaining that ballot measures are a "different beast" than candidate election. The implication is that as long as a corporation's money goes through a PAC-like intermediary, its CEI will not be dinged for donating to a candidate, regardless of how anti-gay he or she was.
And there you have it: If a company's money goes to into a PAC, which can choose to spend its cash however it pleases, then the company doesn't see its CEI score fiddled with. Only if the company directly moves money into an anti-gay ballot measure will HRC knock it down a few points, as 15 points of the CEI score is derived from "Responsible Citizenship," defined as, "Employer exhibits responsible behavior toward the LGBT community; does not engage in action that would undermine LGBT equality. Employers found engaging in activities that would undermine LGBT equality will have 15 points removed from their scores."
There is no more plainly a violation of this clause than donating money to help elect a candidate who believes in marriage discrimination.
Sauer brings up this ultimate — and frighteningly true — example: "This means Target or Best Buy would not lose their perfect ratings even if their money made it to, say, Oklahoma State Rep. Sally Kern, who has compared homosexuality to cancer and is on record saying homosexuality is 'the biggest threat our nation has, even more so than terrorism or Islam.'"
Take it one step further: Target could give money to a PAC that wants to elect Rush Limbaugh — and it would still maintain a 100 percent score from HRC.
And yet, despite not living up to being "Responsible Citizens," neither Target nor Best Buy lost any of those 15 possible points. The Human Rights Campaign does many things wrong, including handling money, pressuring lawmakers, and missing opportunities mobilizing its "membership." But we always gave HRC credit for spending some of the cash donors give it on research to provide quantitative scores about LGBT-friendliness in America. We always knew these scores weren't perfect. Little did we know they were completely misleading.
HRC, plainly, is doing a disservice to the very community it represents by providing cover to companies that use the money we give them to lobby against our rights. It must at the very least re-evaluate the scores of Target and Best Buy and remove their 15 point "Responsible Citizenship" scores. Further, it should remove the loophole that allows anti-gay money to flow out in special ways that are immune to the CEI.
Later this afternoon, I have to purchase some paper towels and toilet paper, some more Crest toothpaste, and a new cushion for my outdoor chair. I will not be buying any of them at Target. And I certainly won't be using a HRC Visa card during the transaction.
UPDATE: With an open letter and a full-page ad coming in Sunday's Minneapolis Star Tribune, HRC is now calling on Target and Best Buy to "make it right": "The very least you can do to begin rebuilding your image among fair-minded consumers is to make equivalent donations to groups that support candidates who will put all Minnesota families first and fulfill the promises of our highest ideals."

Read more: http://www.queerty.com/target-best-buy-prove-hrcs-corporate-scoring-is-wholly-flawed-is-it-also-meaningless-20100730/#ixzz0vHNQi2ds
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Gay Games Get Underway in Cologne, Germany

Gay Games Get Underway in Cologne, Germany

Gay Games Get Underway in Cologne, Germany
Today, the German city of Cologne begins hosting LGBT athletes from more than 70 countries for eighth quadrennial Gay Games. An estimated 10,000 gay and lesbian athletes from across the globe are expected to show and participate in the international event.
Events include, but aren’t limited to football, transgender ballroom dancing and cheerleading. A cultural program will also be part of the event including art exhibitions, choir concerts and film screenings.
Unfortunately, some of the participant athletes have taken on false identities as they fear persecution upon their return home to less gay-friendly nations.
According to Thorsten Moeck, a member of the organizational committee:
“We want to demonstrate that the exclusion of gays and lesbians, especially in the sporting world, has to end. Among the represented countries are plenty in which it’s still an absolute taboo to out yourself.”
While a large percentage of participants are from Germany and the U.S.A., Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Mexico and Zimbabwe are also countries being represented at the event.
The first Gay Games were held in San Francisco in 1982 and as the Olympics, they take place every four years. The founding father of the event was the openly gay decathlete Tom Waddell, who died of Aids in 1987.
The 2014 games are scheduled to be held in Cleveland, Ohio

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CBS Promises To Add More Gay Characters

CBS Promises To Add More Gay Characters

After receiving a failing grade on a GLAAD media survey, CBS is adding more gay characters to the fall line-up.
CBS Entertainment President, Nina Tassler stated: "I'm very disappointed in our track record so far. We know and we will do better”.
The Julianna Margulies' character on "The Good Wife" will have a gay brother. There will also be a recurring lesbian character on "Rules of Engagement" and a gay character on "S#*! My Dad Says”.

Tassler reported that at least three other CBS projects that died in the pipeline included gay characters. "Once you come out of your pilot development season disappointed with yourself, you go into the current series season and look for every opportunity we can to improve the numbers we have represented in the cast", she said. 

She added: "We're going to do that, and we'll continue to focus on that as we go into development season. We're not happy with ourselves”.
"Glee" and "90210" helped CW and Fox earn top marks on GLAAD's fourth annual report on gay-inclusive television, while MTV earned the group's first "excellent" rating.

According to the report, 42 percent of MTV's original primetime schedule is LGBT inclusive.

CW overtook ABC as the top network broadcaster, with the help of its teen dramas "90210" and "Melrose Place" ABC, which had held steady at number one for three years, tumbled to third, and Fox settled into the second spot.

GLAAD gave "Glee" and "American Idol" much of the credit for helping Fox move up a notch from last year.

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July 30, 2010

WATCH: Neil Patrick Harris Loves His "C" Ring- On Ferguson Show

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